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14 September 2010

Rainy day birding in Hanoi

Having spent the past two weeks reading on this blog about all those fabulous migrants that have been turning up in Hanoi I just had to get up north. Rain stopped play for the planned visit to the Red River Delta with Florian & Falk this morning so the morning was spent birding around the botanical gardens and the Presidential Gardens/Ho Chi Minh Museum area. Not the best of birding conditions but finally caught up with the Purple-backed Starlings near to the Ho Chi Minh Museum and then on my second visit to the Botanical Gardens later in the morning a Brown-chested Jungle-Fly showed up. Florian and Falk also caught up with the jungle-fly. Not a lot else of note apart from an Asian Paradise Flycatcher in the bot gardens and a Tiger Shrike and Burmese Shrike in the gardens behind the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. We'll try again for the Red River Delta tomorrow rain permitting ...

Richard Craik

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