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22 September 2010

Ba Vi NP

Hi all,

after an early morning leave today (22nd September) to Ba Vi weather turned out to be not as cooperative as hoped for. Rain, fog and wind made birding become a real challenge at times.
We still managed to find amongst others:

1 Orange-headed Thrush, 1 female-type Siberian Rubythroat, 1 female Mugimaki Flycatcher, 2 Taiga Flycatchers, 2 Eastern Crowned Warbler, a probable Greenish Warbler, 1 probable White-tailed Leaf Warbler, 2 Sulphur-breasted Warblers, a flock of Red-billed Leiothrixes, Silver-eared Mesias (heard only), Golden Babblers, Orange-bellied Leafbirds and Black-throated and probably Fork-tailed Sunbird.

Florian and Falk

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like hard work!

    Lenin Park wasn't a whole lot of fun either, I went before work and found only 2 Asian Brown Flycatchers and 2 Yellow-browed Warblers.