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11 September 2010

Army occupies Botanical Gardens, Hanoi

The Vietnam People's Army has occupied and secured the corner in Hanoi's Botanical Gardens in order to end suspicious activities of foreigners lurking around and spying through binoculars. A noisy generator has been placed in the middle of that area to keep migrants from taking shelter.

Consequently no bird seen this morning, except a White-throated Kingfisher at the pond. Florian

Around lunch time I wandered around the rest of the botanical gardens where I saw 1 male Hainan Blue Flycatcher, 1 each of Greenish and Eastern Crowned Warbler and 2 Black-winged Cuckoo Shrikes.



  1. Good Simon, not all that bad then... this morning I was really a bit frustrated. What is all those preparations for? 10.10.?

  2. They are preparing un festival of handicrafts villages/ 12-16 september. After everything will be quite again, well I hope so...

  3. That would be good, I feared that will go on until middle october...