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15 September 2010

Flycatchers and Starlings in Lenin Park

Another rainy morning, so we did not go to the island. Richard went to Lenin Park instead, where he quickly found his 3rd lifer of the trip, the Yellow-rumped Flycatcher. I (Florian) joined him a little later and it turned out not too bad: Lots of Flycatchers: 3 Dark-sided, 1 Asian Brown, 2 Hainan Blue, 1 Verditer. That fruiting tree Sebastien photographed yesterday still had plenty of Purple-backed Starlings, so I finally got to see them as well. I thought there were 2 White-shouldered among them, but not sure. I also saw a yellow vent and streaked belly which think must have belonged to a juv. Black-naped Oriole. And 2 Brown Shrikes and a Cuckoo sp.
That area behind the toilets had 4 flycatchers alone, so even if smelly definitely a good spot.

And in order to distract myself from urgent work, i played a little with google maps. The locations of starlings and that place behind the toilets:

Lenin Park Hanoi auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

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