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29 June 2010

A slow day at Tam Dao

Stephan Lauper and myself (Simon Mahood) went with visiting friend, Paul Schwyzer, to Tam Dao on 27th June.

We began by dipping Blue-naped Pitta on the transmitter steps (again), but did record an unexpected Florian Klingel. Paul saw a Lesser Shortwing.

Then we moved on to the watertank road (now being driven right to the end by weekend visitors in their flashy cars and NTFP collectors in ancient Ladas). The weather was fine, but the birds were few. A mixed flock of Grey and Lesser-necklaced Laughingthrushes flashed past early on, and what was probably the same flock was encountered again near the end of the day. We also birded the path through the bamboo forest.

There was also a mushroom, a snake, a Hill Blue Flycatcher, and on the way back me and Stephan saw a Short-tailed Parrotbill, but that was about it.