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16 September 2010

Lenin Park, Hanoi

Hi all,

this morning (16th September) a walk through the northern and eastern parts of the park (including toilets, of course) produced the following - as always amongst others: at least 3 Dark-sided Flycatchers, 3 Asian Brown Flycatchers, 2 Yellow-rumped Flycatchers (1 female-type, 1 first year male), 1 probable male Hainan Blue Flycatcher, 8 or more Arctic Warblers (with one bird being confusingly brownish-colored on the back), about 30 - 40 Purple-backed Starlings still in the fruiting tree Florian has marked on his map.
Florian, Falk

And at lunch in the botanical gardens there was 1 Asian Brown Flycatcher, 2 Brown Shrikes and 1 Arctic Warbler.

And a Verditer Fly in the Lenin Park, the one seen yesterday by Florian. A lifer for me...
If I summarize, 5 species of Fly today over there, good !
And if I add the Brown-breasted and other species seen last winter and springer (Mugimaki, Red-throated, Blue-and-white and Fujian niltava - wintering !-), at least 10 species of Fly (let alone Asian Paradise-Fly and Grey-headed Canary Fly) have stopped in this area as big as a football ground. Not bad for an urban park.

Verditer Flycatcher/Lenin Park
Dark-sided Flycatcher/Lenin Park


  1. Nice pics again!
    I just wonder when I finally will manage to spot that elusive Sebastien. Seems to be around in those muddy corners a lot but nobody manages to sees him...

  2. Haha, Florian only comes across the common ones!

  3. if you want to twich the elusive Sebastien, the best place is the bia hoi corner street Tai Hien in the Old Quarter, at noon, every day ! easy to ID, no need the Robson : big size, long hairs...

  4. Morning on the island, noon at bia hoi, afternoon in the park... sounds like a good life ;)