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9 September 2010

Flycatcher in Botanical Garden

This morning in the corner in Botanical Garden: 1 Tiger Shrike and one Flycatcher that I could not clearly ID because I got only to see it from below, it kept staying high up:
- overall whitish breast, belly and vent
- sides of breast slightly brownish-grey, no streaks
- white throat, sides slightly mottled
- bill, seen from below only: regular triangle shape, very pointy, not broad base as in Asian Brown, yellow
- feet pink, sometimes seemed yellowish depending on light.
- dark eye without prominent eyring
- head sides grey, a little lighter from eye, or slighly higher than eye to bill base
- back and head from above not seen well, overall impression uniformely grey or brownish

I watched it a while, it remained rather statical above, right under the canopy of a smaller tree.

Not sure what that could be. Maybe another Jungle Fly?

Check it out and tell me what it is! ;)



  1. Hi Florian,

    No sign of your mystery flycatcher at lunch today. However I did find a female Mugimaki, a Brown Shrike and the Forest Wagtail.


  2. Most likely not a Jungle Fly I think now, the bill was thinner and more pointed than with the bird last week, also less brown on the breast...