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10 September 2010

Photo blind - Red River Island

Two hours in a photo blind built in front of the small pond at the tip of the Red River island produced this, amongst others :

SMART : White Wagtail ssp leucopsis (note the heart on the breast !)

GORGEOUS : White-Throated Kingfisher

PHOTOGENIC : Black-Headed Munia (a dozen)

WET : Red-Billed Starling (6 at least)

Seen also a small flock of Purple-Backed Starlings, 2 Black-Collared Starlings, 7 Pacific Golden Plovers, some Wood Sandpipers etc...



  1. Very nice pictures! Is that the at the southern tip of the island?

  2. Hi Florian, no, at the northern tip, there's a small pond but it will soon disappear because of the heat.

  3. wow, you did quite some walking then..

  4. hehe no Florian, I go with my bike ! Easy. I only walk the last 500m... If I don't do this, I loose too much time !

  5. Nice photos Sebastian!

    The starlings seem to still be in Hanoi, although all the fruit is gone from the tree next to my house, I saw about 50 flying to roost somewhere near West lake yesterday evening. They looked to be flying from the trees around the government buildings, I guess they could be feeding on some of the fruiting trees in the grounds of Uncle Ho's stilt house, if anyone cares to take a look...