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14 August 2013

Asian Openbill - No going back home.

Hi all,

I've been recorded Asian Openbill migrateed to Northern more than two years ago, 24 individuals at that time in Van Long. Last year I saw more and more individuals in different places as Van Long again and Thanh Mien bird garden in Hai Duong Pro, about more than 500 inds in both places. This year I often go passing through Van Long and I always see them there. I though that Van Long is very good new habitat and they do breeding there. I also see Watercock, Black Bittern, Garganey and more resident stuff.

Asian Openbill - Van Long

Asian Openbill - Van Long

 Plain Prinia - Van Long
 Delacour Langur - Endemic to Vietnam

 My photo team
Bui Duc Tien - Bird watching and  bird photography tour guide: tienpitta@gmail.com