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18 May 2014

Hanoi Migration

Hi all,

Here’s some shots of migrants seen the two last weeks at Hanoi. The star was this rarely seen white morph Asian Paradise Flycatcher. Unfortunately, this bird only allowed me a couple of hurried shots before it disappeared.

But the show will be over soon. It is now time to chase dragonflies, my favourite summer activity!


 Asian Paradise Flycatcher race incei

 female Yellow-rumped Fly bathing. Very hot now...

 Black-browed Reed Warbler


Taiga Fly in summer dress

Dark-sided Fly

10 May 2014

Bar-bellied Pitta nest in Cuc Phuong

Hi all,

I had been heard the call of Bar-bellied Pitta in a tree in Cuc Phuong on April 26th when i was leading a group but i did not have enough time to find it. To day, i come back to same place, i played back a call and it responded in the tree but i could not see it. I tried spotting all around and found a hole in the tree about 5 meters high, i looked carefully and i saw a small green thing at the bottom of the hole, it's not look like bird but it was a head of a male Bar-bellied Pitta. I found it at 10.45 about, put my hide and camera inside, waiting till 16.30 but it is still at the nest. It is incubating. I took a pic but very poor light and not close enough for my camera. I will observe them again and take pics when they feed babies.

I will come back.

Bui Duc Tien - tienpitta@gmail.com