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29 August 2011

Hanoi (Gia Lam) Sunday 23rd August

Thought I would check out Sebastian's forest over in Gia Lam, for an early morning session. Were some cool birds around. Looks like will be a great holding spot during the migration.

  • Cuckoo-Plaintive (many)

  • Flycatcher-Yellow rumped (2+)

  • Flycatcher-Unidentified (small, plain green wings, no wing bars, two pale stripes across top of head)

  • Kingfisher-White throated (1)

  • Shrike-brown (1)

  • Tailorbird-Common (1)

  • Wagtail-Forest (3-4)

  • Warbler-Arctic (1+)

  • White-eye-Japanese (lots)

  • Other unidentified small warblers / flycatchers


Kingfisher-White throated



23 August 2011

Hanoi : passerine migration is underway !

Hi all,

A month or so ago I was looking at the Googlemap and noticed in Hanoi (Gia Lam area) a large area of vegetation with a big pond in the middle. I went and checked it out. It looks rather promising - 3-4 ha completely undisturbed - which is rare here !- and with a nice mix of vegetation.

Yesterday (22th August) I have started checking it in the hope of picking up some early migrants. I was very pleased when I found 1 Dark-sided Flycatcher, 1 Asian paradise-Flycatcher, 1 Phylloscopus non ID, 1 Forest Wagtail and 3-4 Yellow-rumped Flycatchers, among them a stunning male (picture) ; a nice view after the birdless days of the summer !

Where are you all ? Is there's still a birder in Hanoi, my god ?!


16 August 2011

Falk's wedding in Hoi An

13th August 2011: Cham Islands near Hoi An

For Falk's wedding to Leanne we spent a few days near Hoi An. Birding highlight was a day trip to the Cham Islands. Although little was seen on the islands themselves, owing to high midday temperatures, a few terns were seen from the boat:
Bridled Tern 20
Black-naped Tern 40
Sooty Tern 1
Common Tern 2
Whiskered Tern 1
Little Tern 6

The next day at least 20 Whiskered Terns passed south off the beach.

Simon Mahood, Falk Wicker and friends.