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27 August 2012

Welcome back, guys, we've missed you!

Excellent start to the autumn's migration at Hanoi (in 3 different small patches) with 4-5 Yellow-rumped Flys (including 1 male), 1 Phyllos non ID, 2 Asian Paradise Flys, 4 Forest Wagtails (together), 1 Tiger Shrike juv, 1 Asian Brown Fly, 1 Hainan Blue Fly.
After 3 months admiring Red-wiskered Bulbuls and Sparrows, we are all happy!

 Forest Wagtail (Gia Lam, 23th August)

Asian Brown Flycatcher (Gia Lam, 23th August)

Tiger Shrike juv/1st winter (Lenin Park, 23th August)

Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Gia Lam, 26th August). The blackish throat contrasting with the grey breast and belly indicates that this is the migrant race, incei.

Yellow-rumped Flycatcher female (Gia Lam, 22th August), feeding on... fruits