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1 March 2012

Lancy !

Noon photo stroll today along the small channel of the Red River Island-Hanoi, with highlight being a Lanceolated Warbler - a lifer for me. Some other skulking little brown jobs appeared few seconds in the reed bed along the trail which overhang the channel.

Sébastien Delonglee


  1. In order to get pictures of a skulker you have to be a skulker yourself! :-)

  2. Today I have skulked at the tip of the Red River Island, and I have spotted a female Daurian Redstart:-))
    Are you interesting ?


  3. I am always interesting (I hope my wife would say that at least!) but - seriously - I've got to work this weekend, so no RRI. Tell the birdy not to leave!

  4. Hi there, Sorry to waste a bit of space here, but I'm trying to contact a chap called Jonathon Eames.
    My name is Andy Firth and I currently work in advertising in Sydney. However, I've recently been chatting with Mai Huong (a friend of yours, I'm told) above moving up to HCMC and working with her. I'm English and have been in Sydney about 14 years and a few years ago got back into bird watching. I'd be fascinated to find out more about bird watching in Vietnam, and may how I could get involved with some part time conservation if I decide to move up there. Anyhow, hope I'm talking with the right person. My email is andy@mammal.net.au.

    Regards, Andy Firth