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4 March 2012

Few days in Hoi An

A family trip to Hoi An gave me an hour or so each morning to have a dig around.

The coastal scrub was quieter than usual, although I could hear Coucal, Koel and Plantive cuckoos. On Friday morning I did see a Blue rock thrush (Philippensis subspecies - brick red chest) on my hotel-room roof - ironic when your days best bird is before you step out the door. There do seem to be a lot more Myna around this year (Common & White vented). On my last morning, back in the scrub, I startled a pair of Nightjars. Combining the images with the very white wing spots when they flew, I presume they were Large-tailed Nightjar.

I also walked into the wetlands on Saturday morning. All the usual waders were there, but I got great views of a White-browed Crake and the Snipe in the image below. Any help with identifying the Snipe further greatly appreciated.

If only I had my big camera lens - soon they say...

Wayne Hodgkinson


  1. Hi Wayne, nice captures ! You don`t really need your BIG lens, this one is enough ;)

    Your Snipe is the Common one.
    Telling Swinhoe's/Pintail and Common apart can be hard (at least for me), and this is where photography helps!

    Have a look on ALL those 13 posts (begin by the oldest ones) here : http://digdeep1962.blogspot.com/search/label/snipe


  2. Thanks for that Sebastien

    When at Cu Thac Tu son the other day, they have a new billboard map up, showing a disused airport at the very top. Tomorrow I will see if there is a way to drive to this old airport. It would be so nice to start from the top there next time.

    Wayne Hodgkinson