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28 February 2012

Just lovely and photogenic

The male Bluethroat is quite striking with its blue and red throat and its flashing rufous tail-base. However it is quite secretive and hard to see as it skulks through thick vegetation. But sometimes it is also forage in open fields.

When I saw this fellow (at the Red River Island), I squatted down and came slowly forward it. I waited and let it comfortable with my presence. And progressively, it approached me, step by step, and gave me some very nice poses. It was just curious to see what this big thing in the middle of the field was.

"Hey birders, look at my nice throat" (this guy must known it would be in the blog the day after).

The king of the field at the top of its clod of earth.

Just a strikingly beautiful bird.



  1. Nice bird, beautiful photos, always great reading your story :)

  2. Thanks Ha, but I need sun for really good pics Huhu... what a #&* weather here..

    PS : message for Hung : someone is interesting by your pics of grass owls for the book "Owls of the World".
    Have a look on the comments of your post "Photos of Grass Owl".