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6 March 2012

Cuu Thac Tu Son

Some birding trips are more notable for the lack of birds seen, and this was close to one. I had 90 minutes here, late in the afternoon. With glorious blue skies, light wind and it was just nice to be outside, and hopes were high. From the very bottom, all the way up to 500m after where you jump across the stream on boulders, the only bird seen was a solitary Common Tailor-bird.

Before returning, I sat by the track for 10 minutes, and saw a White-crowned Forktail, and then had great views of three Collared Babblers. Finally things were turning, I thought. Not really - the downwards stroll only produced 3 Red-whiskered Bulbuls, as well as one each of the (almost) always seen Plumbeous & White-capped water Redstarts.

Lets hope the next few days produce better!!!

Wayne Hodgkinson

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