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3 March 2012

Ruby Saturday - Hanoi

Morning photo stroll along the channel of the Red River Island this morning, in the rain. Spotted a cracking male Siberian Rubythroat, one of the birder's delight - and not only in the UK but here also in Vietnam where this species is a fairly common winter visitor.
I saw it bathing and, more surprising, singing !
This guy was skulking in the undergrowth of a small garden but perched high in a bush to sing.
I decided to share here the serie "M.Ruby in the bath" despite the low quality ("action scene" with low light + high ISO = no miracle); I just find those pics funny...

Singing ! - the icing on the cake.

Female Daurian Redstart in the same area. Very shy bird, this shot was the best I could manage. The white wing-patches and the reddish tail/rump are obvious features.


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  1. Beautiful bird, love the picture of the male singing :)