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22 March 2012

Trapped in my garden tonight

When I got home tonight, I saw this little guy scurry across the fence-line, inside my yard. He got hooked up when trying to get through the hole in the fence. After a quick photo, it was quickly released at the side stream, nearby. A Slaty-legged Crake, if I am not mistaken, and a new species for me, right in my Hanoi yard.

Wayne Hodgkinson


  1. Hi Wayne
    Excellent yard record!
    I am a UK based birder and will be travelling to Hanoi in April. Would be good to make contact if poss; my email is davidfwalsh@hotmail.co.uk. It will be my 5th visit to Vietnam (the first was in 2008 when I surveyed White-eared Night Heron for BirdLife).
    David Walsh

  2. Great record - very lucky!

    The just visible grey legs eliminate Red-legged and Band-bellied Crakes, the only confusion species.


  3. Wayne-oi, you have to work on your bird-handling skills. The bird must have thought, The fence felt nicer than this!
    What a record, so it definitely paid off having a house in your neck of the woods!

  4. You are a good trapper Wayne. You have attended a course here or what ?