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24 March 2012

Lenin Park

A stroll around the patch this morning revealed two new interesting guys : 1 Manchurian Bush-warbler and 1 Pallas's Leaf Warbler.

Pallas's Leaf Warbler. You can see the yellow rump in the photo above

Manchurian Bush-warbler

This skulker is a photographer's nightmare. What makes life really frustrating is that it is a rather common winter visitor but it impossible to get a clean view (leave alone a clean shot). First, I heard its distinctive rattling call (trrrt... trrrt). I followed it - it was on the ground, invisible - and suddenly it emerged for a few seconds, before disappearing for good.
I am rather satisfied by those photos, I know such occasions don't happen everyday !

The same female Cyornis flycatcher than yesterday. Do you confirm the ID : Chinese Blue or not ?

She found a boyfriend during the night. The handsome guy below was not here yesterday, and they were flying almost `wing in wing` this morning :)

Do you know some key features that can be used to separate males Hill Blue and Chinese Blue ? (I have `The Robson` edition... 2005)


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