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14 October 2011

Tam Dao - Ferruginous Flycatcher/14-10-2011

Hi all,

I bumped into this guy at the extremity south of Tam Dao, 8km north from Dai Lai Lake (hồ Đại Lải), during a short trek to the Bats Cave (of course there is not a single bat there, just rubbish).

I also heard the alarm call of a Forktail sp. along the rocky stream which the trail follows, but can not - as usual - see it, and spotted a noisy Striped Tit Babbler family with the youngs still fed by parents.

Sebastien Delonglee

Some pics of Tam Dao for those who don't know the place or those who are nostalgic for it...

Tam Dao is an island of biodiversity completely surrounded by agricultural plains with a high population density. A kind of miracle...


  1. Wow, you're pretty close to me! Come on over and see the bears!

  2. Hi Falk,

    I have try one time to enter the center but the guy at the entrance didn't allow me. Next time I will call you. Your place is very beautiful; I saw a nice rocky river there, you are very lucky to live here.

  3. Nostalgic isn't really the word I would use to describe my emotions for Tam Dao, although I have to say that now that your Ferruginous Fly looks great!

    And like Falk says, go and see the bears, they're great! He also has Pale-footed Bush-warblers and plenty of great migrants..