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20 October 2011

Sunday 16 Oct: Red River Island

A few hours on Sunday morning in our favourite Red River Island was lovely. As always at this time of year, plenty of birds around (and only 1 hunter today). The birds I identified were:

  • Drongo, Black
  • Drongo, Hair lipped
  • Drongo, Ashy
  • Bulbul-Red whiskered
  • Flycatcher, Asian brown
  • Flycatcher, dark sided
  • Flycatcher, Grey headed canary
  • Kestral, Common
  • Minivet , Ashy
  • Warbler, Grey crowned
  • Warbler, Eastern crowned
  • Warbler, Thick billed
  • Warbler, Yellow browed


Ashy minivet

Grey crowned warbler

Eastern crowned warbler

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