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29 October 2011

Sun 23 October: Hiding on red River Island

Damn you Sebastian, not only do you see so many more cool birds than I do, but I also took a photo this morning of the Red River boat, to post how I get onto the island. LOL. It is below.

This morning I took my camo-blanket and hid under it for the first time on the island (been talking about it for a long time). A couple of plain Prinias hid in it (till they smelt me) and eventually, when I turned around, there was a lovely Asian Koel just a few metres away. I need to do this more...

The birds I saw:
  • Bulbul (Red whiskered & Sooty)
  • Coucal (not sure how great it was)
  • Cuckoo, Plaintive
  • Drongo (Black, Ashy & Hair lipped)
  • Eagle, Crested serpent (long way away)
  • Falcon (unidentified)???
  • Heron, Grey
  • Koel, Asian
  • Minivet, Ashy
  • Monarch, Black naped
  • Prinia, Plain
  • Stonechat, Siberian
  • Wagtail, White
  • Warbler, Thick billed
  • Warbler, yellow browed

Ferry to Red River Island

Asian Koel

1 comment:

  1. wonderful pic of the Koel Wayne !
    but the bad news is that this guy has been shot dead Tuesday morning, I was there. I have the photo if you want...