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23 October 2011

Red River Island, 23-10-2011

Hi all,

After Sebastien had some nice raptors yesterday, I had to be satisfied with 1 male Kestrel and a Sparrowhawk sp.
Other birds (most of them in or around the woodland) were more noteworthy, including:

- 5 Northern Pintails (eastern banks of the island)
- 1 Oriental/Eurasian Cuckoo
- 4 Blue-throated Bee-eaters
- 8 Temminck's Stints, a few Green and Common Sandpipers, Little Ringed Plovers (near the small ferry)
- 2 Ashy or Swinhoe's Minivets (too far away)
- a couple of Black-naped Monarchs, Asian Brown Flycatchers, Grey-headed Canary Flycatchers
- at least 2 Siberian Rubythroats (1 nice male)
- 1 Siberian Stonechat
- 1 distant Martin (Riparia-type)
- at least 3 Asian Stubtails
- 1 Manchurian Bush Warbler
- 2 Bush Warblers sp. (Bradypterus)
- at least 5 Thick-billed Warblers


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