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2 October 2011

Sun Oct 02: Lenin Park, Hanoi

Saturday in the Botanical Gardens was a disaster. Do not try to take a 20 month old boy out birding!

Sunday morning saw me, albeit a touch late, at Lenin Park. Seemed to be plenty around (much of which was passing over and I could not ID). Today they were cutting branches down around the (great birding) toilet block, so I am not sure what it will be like in the future. All the branches on the ground did attract a lot of flycatchers though. Just after my phone went, a large dark coloured raptor casually flew over, not to far above me. Photo not possible, damn it (hands on phone). It looked (to an amateur) like a very big, dark coloured falcon, (but with slower wing-beats, and strong banding on both body and wings). Next time...

Birds I have some idea about:

  • Drongo - Ashy

  • Robin - Pied magpie

  • Flycatcher - Hainan blue

  • Flycatcher - Asian Brown

  • Flycatcher - Hill blue

  • Flycatcher - Taiga

  • Robin-Siberian blue (female)

I have posted images of the last birds here on Birdforum to try and tie them down. This post has been updated, based on that.


Hill Blue flycatcher


  1. Hi Wayne, great to see that you keep the blog alive with your pictures! But Sebastien, where are you?? Come on, keep posting!

  2. Hi Wayne,

    yes, this is a Hill-blue Fly. Having seen your photos Sibe Blue Robin is spot on as well.


  3. Thanks guys

    Blog updated (again). Blog seems pretty quiet at the moment. Next week I will be in Luang Prabang, and will try to get to Na Hin. Will be a mission, but well worth it if I can. Do either of you know any good (or average; LOL) birding spots near Luang Prabang?