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18 October 2011

Northern Laos Mountian forest (Phou Khoun)

12 October: I got a pass and into the Mountain forests about five hours towards Ventiene from Luang Prabang for a morning, seeing plenty of birds, which seemed before this to be fairly uncommon for Laos. A couple seemed fairly atypical (images below) and initially I thought I was onto something new (for me) but I have been swayed by the experts. Wish I had been quicker with my camera for the two raptor species that I flushed from close range. Next time…

Note: This area is close to some holdouts of "resistance", and tourists have been harmed here some time back (I did not know that when I went). I never felt unsafe here, and the people were very friendly.


  • Bulbul, Brown breasted

  • Bulbul, Red whiskered

  • Bulbul, Sooty headed

  • Bushchat, Grey

  • Drongo, Ashy

  • Drongo, Black

  • Drongo, Hair crested

  • Hoopoe, Common

  • Kite, Black eared (large group flew over)

  • Oriole, Black naped (???)

  • Raptor, Unidentified large

  • Raptor, Unidentified mid-sized

  • Robin, Oriental magpie

  • Shrike, Long tailed

  • Stonechat, Siberian

  • Wagtail, White

  • Warbler, Yellow browed
Siberian stonechat
Grey Bushchat
Bulbul, brown breasted

And a couple of images of atypical birds. I posted these on Birdforum, and below is the consensus of what they were. I am no expert, so I guess I have to go with the calls, until someone comes up with a better idea...

Ashy Drongo, but with yellow belly. Probably pollen???
Sooty headed Bulbul, but with tail growing out, and reflection off top ofhead, making it look grey. Also pollen on belly,making it look yellow. Itook some convincing.


  1. Sorry you're not convinced by the Birdforum masses, but I have to concur with them...


  2. I know - but we live in hope. I have accepted it (grudgingly). LOL!!!


  3. Hi Wayne, what was the place like you went? Maybe post the name or a link on google maps?
    Thanks, Florian