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17 April 2011

Some observations in Dalat January - April

Here are some more or less unusual sightings I did during my stay in Dalat this winter:

A Narcissus Flycatcher male (the narcissina race) visited my garden in Dalat on 9th April - a wonderfully colored bird!

While Xuan Huong lake in Dalat was almost without water (until tet), it was more suitable for waders. In addition to large numbers of Common Sandpiper (a maximum of 25+ seen when bicycling around the lake on 2nd January) and Chinese Pond Herons (a maximum of 100+ on 2nd of January), I noted 2 Little Ringed Plovers on 2nd January and 1 Pintail Snipe on 16th January. After the lake was filled with water again, I noted 2 Little Cormorants on 16th March.

In Tuyen Lam lake I saw a Darter on 11th April.


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