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6 April 2011

Botanical Garden Blues

A short wander around the Botanical Gardens on Saturday morning (2nd April) did not turn up much that was different from usual. There were still lots of warblers on the trees overhanging the 2nd lake. In amongst them were two Black-naped Monarch. Wednesday morning (April 6th), and there were much fewer warblers in this area of the Botanical Gardens. They seem to have dispersed over a lot more of the park. Again not too much of interest, although I did see this guy in the distance. Could not get closer. Presume he is a Hill Blue Flycatcher. A better photo may have helped.



  1. Hi Wayne,

    I'd say that 2 Black naped Monarchs and a Hill (maybe) blue Flycatcher is plenty of interest! As for the flycatcher, it's either a Hill Blue or a Chinese Blue - but without hearing them sing you can't identify them.



  2. Hi Simon

    I agree. Was meaning apart from these birds. There was no singing going on, so will never know. When using binoculars, the lower belly of the Hill/Chinese Blue did look to be faintly striated (vertically), if that helps ID at all