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16 April 2011

Red river island, 16-4-11

Hi all, An excellent morning was spent on the island today, covering the corn fields and the little patch of forest. The more notable species were, - 1 Manchurian Reed Warbler (heard singing in one of the weed fields on the plain between the woodland and the banana plantation and brief views) - 1 Yellow-streaked Warbler (singing in the woodland) - 1 probable Baikal Bush Warbler - 1 Chestnut-winged Cuckoo - 1 male Burmese Shrike - 2 Mugimaki Flycatchers - 1 Manchurian Bush Warbler - 1 Orange-headed Thrush - Luscinia-galore: couple of Bluethroats, Siberian Rubythroats and a fine male Siberian Blue Robin - Phylloscs: Radde's, Dusky, Two-barred Greenish, Arctic, Yellow-browed, Eastern Crowned, Greenish, Pale-legged plus the above mentioned Yellow-streaked - at least 2 Black-faced Buntings - 2 Little Buntings plus nice sightings of a gorgeous breeding-plumaged Citrine Wagtail and Red-throated Pipit, 2 Black-naped Orioles, Black-shouldered Kites, a chorus of White-breasted Waterhens, lots of Black-naped Monarchs and red-throated Taiga Flycatchers, 1 Oriental Turtle Dove and a big flock of Scaly-breasted Munias. Wow, that's actually a lot of birds (not mentioning the commoner species)! Did I forget anything, Simon? Cheers, Simon and Falk

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  1. Sorry everyone, for some reason I can't edit this post and it looks all a bit messed up - but the main message still gets through: lots of good birds!