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24 April 2011

Lenin Park lately

(I had huge problems publishing this post out of my upgrade to IE9 (with MS Word 2010). Even compatibility mode did not work. Found many others on web with same problem, but no solution (yet). Finally solved by downloading and using Google Chrome.)

Saturday 16 April
A nice morning out. While there was very little action around the "toilet" area, the rest of the park made up for it. Notable birds (for me):

  • Drongo (Ashy) - 3 pale and one darker morph

  • Sharma - White rumped (near Le Duan)

  • Shrike - Burmese

Saturday 23 April

A slow morning at first, with more birds visible & moving around later on. Again, very little action around the "toilet"area, but a few interesting birds 100m past it. Notable birds:

  • Drongo - Spangled

  • Flycatcher - Yellow rumped (Female)

  • Munia - Scaly (surprisingly just 1 - I have always seen these guys in groups in the past)

Wayne Hodgkinson, Hanoi

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  1. Lovely images of your beautiful birds.
    Many thanks for sharing.