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13 April 2011

Red-necked Phalaropes in Dalat

First a short presentation: I am a Norwegian, often visiting Vietnam because of my work, and then I often take advantage of the opportunity to do some nice birding. For the time being I stay and work in Dalat (December 2010 - May 2011). Florian introduced me to this blog, and I will give some comments on some of my sightings.

I start with the Red-necked Phalaropes that I have seen twice in the lake in the center of Dalat (Xuan Huong lake): 1 specimen 13th March 2010 and 6 specimens 27th March 2011. See enclosed photo. In March 2010 the lake was almost totally emptied for water due to the construction of a new road/bridge, but before tet this year the lake was again filled up with water. Probably more people should be aware of this bird during the spring migration in Dalat.

Arild Andersen


  1. Hi Arild - welcome to Vietnam Bird News!

    It'll be great to get regular contributions from a different area of the country.

    Those Red-necked Phalaropes look rather nice, I saw a good looking bird on a farm pond in Kon Tum Province last May which I thought was unusual. But judging from your photo, small numbers must pass inland over Vietnam instead of hugging the coastline.



  2. i really love watching Red-necked Phalaropes