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1 April 2011

Greater Painted-Snipes - Hanoi 01/04/11

Stroll at mid-day along the Red river channel and around. The best were a flock of 10 Temminck's Stints and a pair of Greater Painted-Snipes. The Snipes were not along the channel but in the marshy area between the channel (south part) and the town. This place is a patchwork of small ponds (where local people cultivate aquatic plants), reed beds, gardens and bamboo hegdes. I flushed the Snipes in an abandoned pond colonized by grasses and scrubs.

Can you see me ?


1 comment:

  1. Still there this morning! Thanks Sebastian!

    Also one Oriental Reed Warbler and loads of Bluethroats and Eastern Yellow Wagtails. Two stunning Citrine Wagtails too.


    5th April 2011