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8 April 2011

Lenin Park 7th April 2011

Visiting birder Pieter Lojtmeijer went to Lenin Park in the afternoon and found the following:

Rufous-tailed Robin (1)
Bianchi's Warbler (two different individuals)
Eastern-crowned Warbler (2)
Blyth's Leaf Warbler (3)
Dusky Warbler (1),
Yellow-browed Warbler (ca. 25)
Chinese/Hill-blue Flycatcher (a male and a fem.)
Asian Brown Flycatcher (1)
Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher (at least 6 exx.)
Maroon Oriole (a fem.)
Blue Rock Thrush (a fem.)
Chestnut Bunting (a first spring male)
Grey-headed Greenfinch (4)
Plantive Cuckoo (2 males)

The next day along the edge of West Lake and at the small temple on the island there he saw 3 Grey-headed Lapwings and 3 Yellow-rumped Flycatchers; and in the botanical gardens there was a Forest Wagtail.


  1. Three patch ticks - Chestnut B., Blue Rock T., Maroon O. -(maybe 4 with the Bianchi's Warbler if we suppose all the Seicercus W . we have seen before were Grey-crowned). Not bad...
    Do you know how many species have been spotted by us in the 2 parks ? 98 !
    I will send you the list soon to get your opinion


  2. 98 species - did you go to Cat Tien as well?!;-)
    I assume you've heard the Seicercus?
    Maroon Oriole - did the bird look/behave like a wild bird? Awesome tick anyway!
    3 Blyth's L. Warblers are not too shabby either!