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2 November 2011

Vinh Tuy Bridge/Hanoi 02-11-2011

Few waders around Vinh Tuy Bridge this morning. The level of the Red River is higher than last week so many sand banks are now under the water. The highlights were 20 Kentish Plovers, 4 Common Greenshanks and, particularly, 2 Peregrine Falcons resting on a sand bank in the middle of the river, 30 meters away from a group of 10-15 imperturbable Grey Herons.

The difference of size between the 2 raptors was obvious. Both had blackish upperside and dense dark barring on flanks and belly. After 10 minutes of excellent views with the scope, I saw the male flying up and immediately diving down onto the female, 3 or 4 times, accompanied by a constant kek-kek-kek call. It finally landed 50 meters from her but repeated its dive-“attacks” 15 minutes later... And what about the Grey Herons ? Quietly unconcerned, imperturbable. Zen masters...
As I was trying to approach, the 2 birds flew up, and the male continued its “attacks” in the air.
As for you, could it be display behavior of a resident pair (I am a big dreamer, I know) or just aggressiveness between 2 wintering individuals ? (there were no dead prey around which could explain this)

Sorry for the photo quality, but crap pics are always better than no pics at all !


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