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13 November 2011

Beach Falcons - Hanoi / 13-11-2011

Some news of the Hanoi's Peregrine Falcons. Well, now, there are 3 guys frequenting the sandbars around Vinh Tuy Brigde : 2 adults and an immature. They help me a lot in my morning's waders counting by concentrating all the birds, scattered over several hectares, in 1 or 2 flocks. Exactly like sheepdogs ! The nervous guy on the pic above, obviously smaller so probably a male, harassing both the other adult and the immature.
Not yet spotted hunting scenes there.

The immature in flight
Two days ago, I counted 80-90 Kentish Plovers and 30 Temminck's Stints.
The immature on the sand, near the Red River.
Beach and sun... Wintering at Hanoi, the dream !

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  1. Not sure if it's likely now but there might be still a chance for Long-toed Stint...