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11 November 2011

Tam Dao, Blue-bearded Bee-eater, 11-11-2011

Hi all,

Very outstanding record - 2 Blue-bearded Bee-eaters were first heard and then seen along the stream that flows into Ho Son. Possibly a first for Tam Dao!

As the days (and nights!) are getting much cooler here in Tam Dao, a bit of altitudinal migration seems to start.

This morning a Grey Treepie was seen, in a mixed flock of Scarlet Minivets, Ashy Drongos and a few Phylloscs. Later on 2 more treepies were heard but not confidently identified.

Slaty-backed Forktail now inhabits the lower stretches of the small stream near NP head quarters (again, the one that ends up in Ho Son).

A lone Forest Wagtail was a late migrant. One Large Hawk-cuckoo showed up as well.

Bar-backed Partridge and the smaller owls calling actively.


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