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15 October 2010

Woodcock in the Botanical Garden

Yesterday, short stroll in the Botanical Garden 1 hour after Simon.

When I was admiring the Ferruginous Fycatcher I saw something big landing at about 40 meters. A Woodcock ! Being disturbed by people, it took off again and flew directly in my direction, and landed at around 5 meters ! It walked quickly to hide itself under the shrubs along the wall. I approached a little, it flushed again and disappeared between the trees.

15 minutes later, an another one - or maybe the same bird which had discreetly came back ?- flushed from those shrubs . When I moved out of the park (south gate), I saw it again flying above... the bia hoi restaurants. Assuredly this park is not a good rest area for Woodcocks.

The Ferruginous Flycatcher juvenile

In the Lenin Park : Ferruginous Flycatcher still there (and have diversified a lot its perches network !), Hainan Blue Fly, Siberian Blue Robin. No Thrushes...
And again a bird trapper, trying to catch Red-whiskered Bulbuls with a captive bird.

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