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10 October 2010

Lenin Park / 6-10th October

Hi all,

Everyday noon/morning strolls at the Lenin Park, from 6th to 10th October, produced the following, amongst others (of course the numbers of birds seen are the maxi for 1 stroll) :

Nota : I focused on 3 mozzies areas : behind the toilets (A), scrubs around the vegetable garden (B) and the disused orchid garden (C).

Ashy Drongo
Spangled Drongo : 3-4
Orange-headed Thrush : 3+ (A, B, C)
Hill Blue Fly : at least 1 male, some females
Hainan Blue Fly : at least 1 male
Verditer Fly : 2 (male & female)
Asian Brown Fly
Taiga Fly : 1
Grey Headed Canary Fly : 1
Black-naped Monarch : 1
Seicercus Warbler (at least 1 everyday)
Siberian Blue Robin : (seen every day, at least 2 at the same time, B)
Grey Bushchat : 1 (C)
Siberian Rubythroat : 1 male (B)
White-tailed Robin : 1 male the 4th (B), 1 female the 9-10th (B)
Thick-billed Warbler : 1 (B)
Dusky Warbler : 1
Pale-legged Warbler : 1
Asian Stubtail : 1 (A)
Blue Whistling Thrush : probably 2 (A, B, C)
Black-naped Oriole : 2
Accipiter sp : 1
Black-capped Kingfisher : 1
Brown Shrike : 2-3
Grey Wagtail : 1

White-tailed Robin

Asian Stubtail

Grey Bushchat

Dusky Warbler

Blue Whistling Thrush (seen every day, shy, feeding in the vegetable garden early in the morning, with Orange-headed Thrushes)

Thick-billed Warbler

Siberian Blue Robin

Verditer Fly

Hainan Blue Fly

Spangled Drongo

Hill Blue Fly

Black-naped Monarch

Orange-headed Thrush (best place : the muddy thickets around the vegetable garden). Not so shy I thought. Secretive but confident bird. Many close-ups.

Video of the Asian Stubtail


  1. Wow, excellent job!
    Great observations and pictures - thank goodness I'm back in Hanoi!!!
    There would have been 4 new species for me...
    At least I had one new bird in Germany!

  2. Yes, really excellent finds! Had a look at Lenin Park this noon. Really crowded, but still some birds there: Orange-headed Thrush, Hainan Blue Flycatcher (m+f), Sib. Blue Robin (f), Blue Whistling Thrush, Asian Brown Flycatcher and female White-tailed Robin.