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22 October 2010

Crocias - the good & the bad news

Grey-crowned Crocias in Dalat bird shop

Poorly-looking OBLT in same bird shop

Site of proposed restaurant, Ta Nung Valley

In Dalat for a few days and the good news is despite the mess at Ta Nung Valley where the long-awaited eco-tourism resort construction (er, make that destruction) has finally begun there were still plenty of Grey-crowned Crocias about this morning. Orange-breasted Laughingthrush were singing and most the other Ta Nung Valley stars where out and about. Crocias were also very vocal and found in good numbers at Ho Tuyen Lam.

Now for the not so good news, and there always has to be some of that I am afraid, Luyen and I also found Grey-crowned Crocias and Orange-breasted Laugingthrush in a bird shop in Dalat. Apologies for poor quality mobile phone photos.

Richard Craik

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