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13 October 2010

Bird trapper in action - Lenin Park

Hi all,

It seems our mozzy corner is not only a paradise for rare migrants and crazy birders...

This morning, after a short stroll around, I decided before leaving to go though this area a last time. Behind the toilets, near the favorite perch of the Ferruginous Flycatcher – which was still there !-, I came across an unexpected scene : the Blue Whistling Thrush was struggling in a trap !
I took quickly a picture and released it immediately. A guy with a nasty face appeared, ran towards me and threatened me. Luckily, I had my monopod in the hands… After a short friendly discussion, he went away with its two traps. He was using roach as bait and its goal was clearly this thrush.
Sure he will not give up.

Thrushes are intelligent birds, I hope this one has a good memory…

The Thrush, 30 minutes before being trapped...


  1. Terrible! But well done Sebastien!

  2. Yes,

    It's tragic. I hope he doesn't succeed. Last week I briefly visited the island one day (I didn't see much) and found myself competing with a man with a gun - on one occasion he was stood next to me trying to shoot the flycatcher I was trying to watch! I stopped looking at birds and went home.


  3. Shooting at a flycatcher!??? That's purely for fun then, not even for eating or so...