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2 October 2010

Citrine Wagtails - Red River Island

Hi all

Seen again Citrine Wagtails at the Red River Island (northern tip), the 1st October, during a photo blind near a small pond.

The 1st contact with this species over there was the 17/09 with 2-3 individuals at least, the 2nd the 19/09 with 6-7 ad + some juv., the 3rd the 21/09 with 2 ind. - 1 ad + 1 juv - and the 4th was yesterday (1 ad + 1 juv, in two separate flocks of White Wagtails).

So some Citrine Wagtails are still hanging around, good news. They don't stay on this pond, but come sometimes there to take a bath. During 3 hours of photo blind, not more than 15 minutes of observation.


PS : please watch this video in the format below, in full screen the quality is bad

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