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23 October 2010

Rufous-ckeeked Laughingthush! Ba Vi

After numerous fruitless attempts I finally managed to see the Rufous-cheeked Laughingthrush in Ba Vi. No tape or effort needed, they were just there, a quiet party of six birds, at the beginning of the steps up to the left peak (Uncle Ho's). Seen once more on the way down, really good and close views, beautiful birds!
Other interesting birds: 2 Orange-headed thrushes, 2 Siberian Thrushes (female and male), 1 first winter Blue-and-white Flycatcher. And one more lifer, but I won't tell which one ;-)
Florian, with Christian and Nils

Trip list here.


  1. Very nice birds, indeed! Congrats, some good birds on your list.
    One question - is Golden-fronted Leafbird likely? I would not expect it to occur in Ba Vi.
    Anyway, I guess the other lifer was Small Niltava?!

  2. Hi Falk, it was Orange-bellied, ticked the wrong name in the list, darn... thanks for the correction.
    Snall Niltava I have seen before already in the same location, lower part of the trail up to Ho-Chi-Minh-Temple