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24 May 2015

Streaked Weaver - The first record for Northern Vietnam

Hi All!

With the kindly helps from friends (Sebastien and others), I got some new photos for me just around Hanoi (from end of April to 23 of May 2015). The highlight is the first record of Streaked Weaver for Northern Vietnam. Robson 2009 mentioned this species is locally common resident at central, south Annam and Cochinchina.

Some others includes the other views (from Sebastien's photos) of Fairy Pitta (second time for me in Vietnam) and white morph of Asian Paradise Flycatcher (first time with photos and perfect view) and so on..

Male of Streaked Weaver

Fairy Pitta (first chance for me with the photos)

Asian Paradise Flycatcher 

Oriental Pratincole in breeding plumage

Male of Barred Buttonquail in dust bathing.

Please enjoy and thanks you all!

Hung Le


  1. In this post have contain the wonderful photos. I like it so much.

  2. mới về mà hoạt động tích cực vậy sếp!

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  4. Great to see your pics Hung! Very nice pictures of phantastic birds!

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