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8 May 2015

An angel in my patch - Hanoi

The 7th May, spent the lunch break at the patch and did pretty well, finding a magnificent white morph Asian Paradise Flycatcher. I also bumped into one individual in May 2014, almost the same day! 

This gorgeous chap spent much of its time flitting gracefully after insects. Despite its colour, it was not always easy to see as it spent quite a lot of time perched low and came to ground to feed. A lovely sight.  
Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to get the "perfect" (for me) shot – that's the problem with noon strolls, as the clock neared 2pm, you have to go back to work, quick! And when you find a great bird at 1.30pm, you are feeling VERY frustrated! 
Just got decent shots far from very good, but much better than what I'd previously achieved. So many things to do with this gorgeous bird - photographically speaking.

Other migrants include Radde's, Dusky and Arctic Warblers (the latter being the commonest phylloscs actually), 2 singing Thick-billed Warblers, 1 female Mugimaki Flycatcher, some Asian Brown and Dark-sided Flycatchers, 1 Asian Paradise Flycatcher (rufous morph), 1 singing Eurasian Cuckoo, 1 male Tiger Shrike.
Of particular note on the resident birds front was a flock of 5 Masked Laughingthrushes instead of 3 counted one month ago, with at least one recently fledged bird. Yep, they breed successfully in this 3ha suburban wooded area!

This distant shot shows the actual length of the tail…..truly remarkable!

 Elegant, classy and beautiful in an understated not flashy way

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