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19 May 2015

Ba Vi : Red-headed Trogon encounter

Back to Bavi NP. My main target was the Red-headed Trogon, which I suspected to breed somewhere, not far from the Red-vended Barbet nest. I finally found them and had some poor shots in the foggy condition of the morning. Not so long after, I found the nest. After gathered some food, the female stay all the day in the cavity.

The nest is really in danger. It is too close from the road. At midday, tourists like to stay there, making a lot of noise. I told to some of them I was a snake expert, there were some cobras in the area blablabla… and at the breeding season they can attack without warning... They left immediately! 

Le Viet Tuan Hoang

Small Niltava - male and female

Red-headed Trogon 

at nest

male Scarlet Minivet

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