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23 April 2015

Narcissus Flycatchers galore !

Hi all,

Below some shots of migrants taken recently at Hanoi. The highlight was a Narcissus Flycatcher, which is the third one recorded this spring in the city! And all of them seen in the same patch – amazing! 

I also photographed the same day, amongst other, a female Yellow-rumped Flycatcher, a female Mugimaki Flycatcher and a Blue-throated Flycatcher - all of them lifer! Some days before, at Thanh Tri district, I encountered a Crow-billed Drongo, which is also a great bird for the city.

We have definitely a great patch for migrant birds!

Le Viet Tuan Hoang

 male Narcissus Flycatcher - 19th April
a careful examination revealed that this is a different male from the 2 others seen over the last few weeks

 female Mugimaki Flycatcher

female Yellow-rumped Flyctacher

female-type Black-naped Monarch

male Blue-throated Flycatcher (cf klossi race)

Sebastien : This Blue-throated F. showing a light orangey wash on breast and a white throat triangle puzzles me. I have found no indication of a similar taxon further north (e.g. in China). One thing is certain: it is a passage migrant in Hanoi, in both passage periods, but in small numbers (4-5 sightings in 4 years for my part).
Some have identified it as a pale variant/morph of the klossi race - the latter considered as a southern Indochina endemic (and resident). This migrant must, in all likelihood, come from China so has a very distinct breeding range.

Seicercus sp. Warbler

Crow-billed Drongo
Already recorded in spring 2014 so, in all likelihood, passage migrant 

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