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12 April 2015

Four great Flycatchers on my patch - 12th April

Last week, after warm temperatures, winter weather was back. Cloudy skies, north wind and rain are good conditions for fallouts - flocks of birds forced to the ground by bad weather during migration - but not for nice photos, that's why I didn't go out birding (lazy birder!).
Sunday 12th April the sun finally came back out and I went out to my favorite Hanoi's patch for some migrant action, and despite the limited time, I still came away with a very nice selection of flycatchers, among them 2 Blue-and-white, 1 Brown-breasted, 2 Mugimaki and 1 male Narcissus - the latter obviously different from the one found 12 days ago! All spotted in a ca 200m x 150m area.

male Mugimaki Flycatcher

                                                    male Blue-and-white Flycatcher

Perched quite high and flew down to the "forest" floor to catch small invertebrate prey

Brown-breasted Flycatcher
Imagine you are a tiny bug...

My other sightings at Hanoi : 27th August 2010, 9th September 2010, 16th October 2010, 27th March 2012, 23th September 2012. Regular, but scarce passage migrant.


Narcissus Flycatcher
Listed as vagrant in Vietnam (Robson). But certainly (scarce) passage migrant in East Tonkin.

It is a second calendar-year male, told by the patchy brown on the nape and on the flight feathers - see site of Birdskorea/ID-Notes-Narcissus Flycatcher. Compare with the full adult of my last post.

More photos of migrants soon!

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