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29 April 2015

Hide-and-seek with some spring migrants

Some birds are easy to get close and easy to photograph. Some other are not particularly cooperative models. Some exemples below, photographed the last few days at Hanoi. I had to play hide-and-seek with them for some time in order to capture these images - not "clean" ones. But it's one of my favorite games :)

A wandering female White-bellied Green Pigeon
My second Treron in the city, the first one in autumn 2014. Most green pigeons are noted wanderers so there is always the possibility of encountering vagrants in unusual locations

Black-naped Oriole
One of the main target of the local hunters (with drongos), so a very good reason for them to be skittish
I don't understand how people can hunt such a beautiful creature

 Imm. Accipiter, very likely Japanese Sparrowhawk 

Oriental Cuckoo
Perches inside the canopy. Not often oberved in Hanoi, but certainly overlooked.
Other passage migrant Cuckoos there include Chestnut-winged C., Large Hawk C., Hodgson's Hawk C., Drongo C.. I also heard last week a singing Indian C.

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