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30 October 2014

Green Pigeon & Thrushes in the city

I have grabbed a couple of brief opportunities to get out in the last few days. At the Botanical Gardens good sightings of Thrushes with Orange-headed T., Blue-Whistling T. and White-throated Rock T.

Spotted also there all the usual suspects including 4 species of Flycatchers, 2 species of Drongos (Ashy, Spangled), 5 species of Phylloscopus..., + 2 species of Flowerpeckers (Fire-breasted and Scarlet-backed, the first one considered as a good bird for the city). Fire-breasted F. is assumed to be a sub-montane and montane forest resident, although there is evidence that some short-distance movements take place in some areas during the non-breeding season. This is the second or third time I bump into this species at Hanoi.

But the highlight was a Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon, my first Green Pigeon in the city! Unfortunately it was perched very high in a fig tree and I only got some poor shots. 

Blue Whistling-thrush of the black-billed migratory race caeruleus 

female White-throated Rock Thrush
Uncommon but regular passage migrant in the city. But this is my first sighting on autumn passage.

                                                                    male Orange-headed Thrush

Ashy Drongo

Eastern Crowned Warbler

Japanese White-eye

Record shot of the Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon feeding in the canopy of a fig tree.
According to literature, this species is generally resident but with local nomadic or altitudinal migratory movement, which may explain its presence in this city park. A caged escapee or released bird can't be ruled out, but very improbable.


  1. Beautiful photos again Sebastien. You're getting pretty good at this photography thing!


  2. Great observation and photos :)

    Yesterday, I checked the Botanical Garden but cant see the Orange-headed Thrush. Can you help me to find him please?
    I plan to come back there at noon tmr.
    About the Flowerpeckers... it's hard to get a photographs of them, dont they?

    1. Thanks Richard and Hoang,

      The Orange-headed Thrush is around the toilet area, many bugs there :))
      Scarlet-backed and Fire-breasted Flowerpeckers are more often heard than seen. Often remain high in the canopy and fly very fast. And they are so tiny... Hard to photograph ? Oh Yes!
      The absence of flowering shrubs in the park does not help...

  3. Interesting to see the different species of birds you have over there. I especially like the markings on the Orange-headed Thrush.

  4. The treron is interesting - it appears to have a white belly, and not so long tail - did you discount White-bellied Green Pigeon? That is a bird that prefers the lowlands.