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5 October 2014

A trip to Ba Vi NP

Hi all,

Yesterday (4rd October), a day trip to the tri-peaked Mount Ba Vi (an isolated often fog-enshrouded 1300 meters high mountain, located 60km west of Hanoi) produced a good mix of resident and migrants/winter visitors, amongst others Asian Barred Owlet (heard), Puff-throated and Ashy Bulbuls, White-bellied Erpornis, Fork-tailed and Crimson Sunbirds, Grey Treepie, Crested Goshawk, Pin-striped tit-Babbler, Grey-throated and Buff-breasted Babblers, Golden-throated, Red-vented (heard) and Blue-throated Barbets, Scarlet and Rosy Minivets, Orange-bellied Leafbird, Silver-breasted Broadbill, Eastern Crowned, Sulphur-breasted, Yellow-browed and “Blyth’s” Leaf Warblers, Taiga, Brown, Yellow-rumped and Dark-sided Flycatchers, Black-naped Monarch, Small Niltava, Orange-headed and Siberian Thrushes, Ashy Drongo, White-browed Piculet, Oriental Honey Buzzard pale morph, Fire-breasted Flowerpecker, Siberian Blue Robin,…

  Black-naped Monarch

 Pin-striped tit-Babbler - a perky little fellow!

                                                                     Small Niltava enjoying the evening sun

 Fork-tailed Sunbird

 Red-billed Blue Magpie - although it is common at Ba Vi, I never get bored of photographing this stunning bird

 Yellow-browed Warbler

Yellow-rumped Flycatcher showing its nice bum


  1. Lovely photos Sebastien. The light is beautiful. Must have been a nice day out.


  2. Thanks Richard, yes....light is particularly nice in autumn, here at Hanoi. And you can walk more than 200 meters without sweating like hell. Great season for birding !
    I am enjoying this beautiful season because I know that the winter will be a totally different story :((

  3. Very nice photos Sebastien :) I love the compotition of the Yellow-browed Warbler shot, and the bokeh is very clean :)
    Charming autumn, come to us :)

    1. Thanks Hoang, I like the YBW shot also but 100% luck! With the leaf warblers no other choice to blast away continuously in the hope that at least one or two good shot will be found!

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