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5 November 2014

Thrushes influx

On Wednesday 5th November a brief stroll at Botanical Gardens produced 5-6 Japanese Thrushes of both sexes, 1 skittish Chinese Blackbird, 3 Orange-headed Thrushes, 1 Blue Whistling Thrush.

It is great to welcome Japanese Thrushes back to the park and their arrival comes at roughly the same time as previous years. This timeliness never ceases to amaze me. Heard them (thin high-pitched tseeeee contact calls) before sighted them.

female Japanese Thrush

female Japanese Thrush

male Japanese Thrush

male Orange-headed Thrush
To describe the back as grey makes it sound very drab, but in good light it takes on a bluish hue.

I think that the migrant Orange-headed Thrushes seen in northern Vietnam belong to the southeastern Chinese race melli with a white wing-bar and two vertical facial dark lines - one below the eye and a second on the auriculars.

                                                                      female Orange-headed Thrush, with olive back

1 comment:

  1. Nice photos Sebastien,
    I still dont have photos of Orange-headed Thrushes! Bad luck for me that they are gone when I came into the place we dicussed about.
    Btw yesterday afternoon I saw a hawk perched on a high branch at the area beside the lake (near Hoang Hoa Tham street). When I was setting up the camera, he flew off away... lol big lens is not good idea for this situation...
    Maybe, next week I'm going to try at Tay Thien if the weather is good :)